Flexible Technology


We transform business problems into business solutions using data, automation, and math.

At Momentum Commerce, we evaluate technology with the lens of longevity. Technology used years after its construction is the ultimate testament to its value. Off-the-shelf machine learning models that don't address the underlying business problem rarely last.”
Jay McQuillan
Chief Technology Officer

Our Process

We have built a technology team that combines decades of experience in data infrastructure, engineering, data science, and machine learning in marketing applications. Over the years, we’ve seen these projects go well and add large amounts of lasting value -- but we’ve seen them go wrong too. From these successes and failures, we’ve learned a few things.

Business Problems

Choose Projects Carefully

We pick carefully where we deploy automation or Machine Learning -- a simple regression or spreadsheet-based model can often get you 80% of the way there. Sometimes it can't.

Data Problems

Aim For Simplicity

Simplicity and Interpretability often lead to longevity.

Data Solutions

But Don’t Fear Deep Learning Methods

There’s a reason why flexible albeit opaque Machine Learning techniques like neural networks are so ubiquitous in e-Commerce for forecasting, prediction, and many other applications – it’s because they work really well.

Business Solutions

Foster A Culture of Experimentation

Constant tweaking and fast iteration, evaluated by pertinent business metrics, are the gateways to progress and success.