Incredible People.
Exceptional Work.
Caring Environment.

Momentum Commerce is creating tools and strategies that are at the cutting edge of eCommerce sales and marketing. We’re doing it all with incredibly smart and kind people, alongside clients that will always match those values. Being a remote-only workplace, we’re always focused on making sure our employees feel comfortable working to live, not living to work.



Momentum Commerce’s goal isn’t to be the biggest or fastest-growing eCommerce consultancy out there - we want to be the most respected. A company whose reputation sells itself. But, we cannot earn respect from others if we do not respect ourselves. We firmly believe everyone has the right to take pride in their work, with leaders who manage with kite strings - not dog leashes, doing work for clients who reflect that respect back to the team.

What sets us apart from other companies in our space - for clients and our own employees doing the work - is our commitment to the combined force of math, computer science, and eCommerce expertise.

Working for Momentum Commerce will never entail a commute to an office. We work from anywhere as much as possible, but we invest freely anytime cross-sections of our team want to get together in person to collaborate on big problems. We’re doing exciting work, with amazing people, in a supportive environment that allows everyone to be themselves and ‘work to live, not live to work’. If this sounds like the kind of journey you want to be a part of I’d love for you to join us. Cheers”

CEO & Founder, Momentum Commerce

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