A Model of Integrated Momentum


Our integrated approach sets us apart.

We combine strategic consulting, ad management and creative services with flexible machine learning and automation, guiding brands through this evolving landscape successfully.

Removing the barriers between brands and their data means they regain the control necessary to compete.

We form small senior teams, who collaborate with you and each other.
All our services are easy to integrate into established workflows.



Take control.

The root of decision issues is siloed, low-value data. We combine retail platform data, marketing platform data and 1st party data, creating custom-built, flexible data sets. These databases allow us to build better models, deliver flexible reporting, and create better decisions.

Richer data allows you to move from opinions to decisions.”

Eileen Walsh Devor
Senior Strategy Consultant, Momentum Commerce


Get the full picture.

Your own data only reveals part of the picture. With additional bespoke webscraping on retailer websites you will understand the landscape from the consumer's point of view. We surface trends at scale and connect them to work flows, providing brands with actionable insights and competitive intelligence including business applications, price tracking, consumer sentiment and market share.

Change your perspective to understand what the consumer sees.”

Ryan walker
VP of Strategy, Momentum Commerce


Chart a clear path forward.

Based on the data reviewed and insights gathered, our senior, experienced team works across specialties to develop a brand digital retail growth playbook. We combine data science with our knowledge of your business and the market to provide step by step plans on how to reach your next frontier of growth.

Strategy is about doing the right thing, not everything.”

VP of Client Development, Momentum Commerce


Stand out.

Our approach to creative services is different. We identify content gaps and strategically prioritize them based on potential impact. We examine what the consumer is seeing at scale as well as product-level content to inform workflow. Then we develop data-driven and insights-driven creative – across copy, imagery and video – to ensure brands stand out the right way in the most critical places.

Creative is data and strategy in action.”

Director of Retail Media Services, Momentum Commerce


Be discovered.

We focus on a product-centric approach, applying the insights garnered from a brand's custom-built data set to optimize ads for market share growth, striking a careful balance between scale and efficiency. Our integrated technology and services model combined with our deep experience in execution across retailer platforms outperforms any current SaaS or agency solution.

Jump off the page when it matters.”

VP of Services, Momentum Commerce

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